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Hamsters have stout bodies with short tails and small furry ears.

How to Care for Syrian Hamsters. Syrian hamsters are the most common species of hamster there is to find (and the largest). At pet stores, they are often referred to

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What do hamsters eat? What type of food should you feed to your hamster? And when should you feed them? Find out in our introduction to hamster food.

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Hamsters in old age may become thinner emaciated looking and may start to lose their fur or the fur may become sparse, patchy, or bald patches start appearing.

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The original Hampton the Hampster that inspired the dancing pages craze on the internet.

How to Care for Chinese Dwarf Hamsters. Chinese dwarf hamsters are small nocturnal rodents that are about 4 inches in length when they are full grown. With their

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Do Hamsters Hibernate. Do hamsters hibernate: No!! Hamsters are not true hibernators. Hamsters originate in hot climates where it is very hot during the day, but can

There are several different breeds and varieties of hamster, varying in size and temperament. Typically, hamsters live for up to 2 years, although some may live for

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