Vaginal Tear After Sex

What causes abnormal vaginal bleeding during pregnancy? What causes vaginal bleeding during or after sexual intercourse?

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What It’s Really Like to Have Sex After She Gives Birth One guy reveals the truth about having sex post baby. If you’re thinking of having s, you’ll want to

Postpartum care after a vaginal delivery involves managing vaginal soreness and discharge, sore breasts, mood changes, and more.

WebMD discusses the safety and health concerns associated with anal sex.

What is a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)?Vaginal birth after cesarean, also called VBAC, is a vaginal birth by a woman who has had a surgical delivery

| Causes of vaginal dryness before and after the menopause, and what to do about a dry vagina (including oestrogen creams)

Rips or cuts in the vagina are commonly due to inadequate lubrication during sexual intercourse, although there are other causes. Vaginal tear treatment depends on

Vaginal cuff dehiscence is a rare, but potentially morbid, complication of total hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus and cervix). After removal of the

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Learn about the common causes of vaginal bleeding after sex, including other symptoms associated with these health conditions and how they are treated.

You may just want to cuddle after sex, but sometimes your body has other ideas.

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